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Compliance Officer Account Documentation

Offerta: Compliance Officer Account Documentation

Soggetto:Compliance Officer Account Documentation
Luogo: Lugano
Azienda: EFG Bank SA
Data: 2019-01-13

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro Compliance Officer Account Documentation

Descrizione: Main responsibilities Advisory Pre-check with the Front for an opening or modification Support to management and other post account opening (Advice, questions, answers) Analyze Documents Opening Analyze modifications, approvals, validation workflow Management of the central banking file (NCF) Account Information QI CRS and Codifications person, rules, tax information Overrides treatment, blocked accounts CDB Cross borders Take over the management of the team in the absence of the line manager.

Luogo di lavoro: Lugano viale Stefano Franscini 8, 6900 Lugano