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Junior Geotechnical / Tunnelling Engineer

Offerta: Junior Geotechnical / Tunnelling Engineer

Soggetto:Junior Geotechnical / Tunnelling Engineer
Luogo: Minusio
Azienda: Lombardi SA
Data: 2019-01-27

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro Junior Geotechnical / Tunnelling Engineer

Descrizione: For our head office located in Minusio (Ticino), we are looking for a Junior Geotechnical / Tunnelling Engineer Under 30, also with limited experience, interested to develop the career in tunnelling and underground construction design. The candidate must prove the competence to cover the role of Project Engineer for underground projects in Switzerland and abroad: - Knowledge of the geotechnical investigation, in-situ and laboratory tests and interpretation of geotechnical parameters, - Ability to solve Soil-Structures Interaction problems, - Use of geotechnical software (analytical and finite element analysis packages), - Knowledge of the most common classification methods in tunnelling (RMR, GSI, etc.), The following personal skills describe our candidate at the best: - Communicative, with ability to effectively cooperate and communicate with our team (project managers, engineers and draftsmen), -Fluent in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, French or German,

Luogo di lavoro: Minusio via Rinaldo Simen 19, 6648 Minusio