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Internship - Junior Partnership Project Manager

Offerta: Internship - Junior Partnership Project Manager

Soggetto:Internship - Junior Partnership Project Manager
Luogo: Chiasso
Azienda: Group
Data: 2019-03-03

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro Internship - Junior Partnership Project Manager

Descrizione: In the last six years the Partnership team has grown a lot, widening consistently the fields of projects, developed in partnership with other Companies active in the most different businesses. In order to strengthen their execution ability both in Italy and especially abroad, the team needs to integrate new members, who must be able to learn quickly - "on the job" - how to manage the various micro activities necessary to reach the full implementation of multi-channel projects, to be carried out according to the specific opportunity. The very dynamic environment is really stimulating, but on the other hand requires a strong ability to adapt to specific needs with a positive spirit, to help the team to achieve its goals.

Luogo di lavoro: Chiasso corso San Gottardo 30, 6830 Chiasso