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Ceramic core process engineer

Offerta: Ceramic core process engineer

Soggetto:Ceramic core process engineer
Luogo: Novazzano
Azienda: GF Precicast Ceramics SA
Data: 2019-11-22

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro Ceramic core process engineer

Descrizione: Definition, measurement and control of process KPIs Analysis of process and product anomalies, Cause-Effect correlation Preparation of process/quality documents: control procedures, maps and charts Planning of process industrialisation and improvement activities: definition of baselines, test methods, analysis of results, preparation of final reports Daily interaction with control personnel during the various production stages Liaising with end customers to correlate results obtained with the process variables measured Identification, in accordance with results obtained from end customers, of process limits to adopt for new products Liaising with external laboratories for the execution of special tests (chemical and mineralogical analyses, SEM, etc.) Supporting the production and quality managers

Luogo di lavoro: Novazzano via Roncaglia 20, 6883 Novazzano