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Embedded Software – Firmware Engineer

Offerta: Embedded Software – Firmware Engineer

Soggetto:Embedded Software – Firmware Engineer
Luogo: Novazzano
Azienda: Paradox Engineering
Data: 2020-06-13

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro Embedded Software – Firmware Engineer

Descrizione: If Paradox Engineering signs an employment contract with an applicant, applicant’s personal data will be stored and processed for the purpose of establishing and carrying out the employment relationship in compliance with legal requirements. If no employment contract is signed, application documents and related personal data shall be automatically erased 12 months after they have been received, provided that no legitimate interests of the controller are opposed to the erasure.

Luogo di lavoro: Novazzano Via Passeggiata 7, 6883 Novazzano