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Postdoctoral position in molecular oncology

Offerta: Postdoctoral position in molecular oncology

Soggetto:Postdoctoral position in molecular oncology
Luogo: Bellinzona
Azienda: Istituto Oncologico di Ricerca
Data: 2021-07-16

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro Postdoctoral position in molecular oncology

Descrizione: A 3-year postdoctoral fellowship is available from September 1st, 2021 in the lab of Prof. Andrea Alimonti at IOR to study the role of senescence and the immune response in prostate cancer and aging and to develop novel effective therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer and other aging-related disorders. The Alimonti lab works on senescence and cancer immunology, in particular on the role played by senescent cells and tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells in cancer initiation...

Luogo di lavoro: Bellinzona Via Vincenzo Vela 6, 6500 Bellinzona