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Fullstack .Net Developer (m/f)

Offerta: Fullstack .Net Developer (m/f)

Soggetto:Fullstack .Net Developer (m/f)
Luogo: Lugano
Azienda: adesso SA
Data: 2022-04-13

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro Fullstack .Net Developer (m/f)

Descrizione: Our IT solutions make our customers better. Behind this simple sentence lies demanding projects at a high methodical level. People who are proud of their work. Jobs that will make you satisfied in five years time. Technological competencies that set standards in the industry and enable our customers to improve their time to market, software quality and innovative power. As a fullstack engineer you can contribute both your backend and frontend stack and work in long-term software projects.

Luogo di lavoro: Lugano Viale Stefano Franscini 30, 6900 Lugano