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R/Shiny Full Stack developer

Offerta: R/Shiny Full Stack developer

Soggetto:R/Shiny Full Stack developer
Luogo: Viganello
Azienda: BigOmics Analytics SA
Data: 2022-11-11

Dettagli dell'annuncio di lavoro R/Shiny Full Stack developer

Descrizione: BigOmics Analytics is a data analytics SaaS startup for big data in the area of next-generation genomics that wants to change the way bioinformatics is done. BigOmics’ mission is to build next generation self-service data analytics platforms for biologists — empowering life scientists to see and understand their omics data themselves. We believe that with data analytics we can cure cancer and other complex diseases.

Luogo di lavoro: Viganello Via la Santa 1, 6962 Viganello