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IT engineer machine

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Hello ! Iīm a 47 Computer Science engineer with a real interest in Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Discrete optimization and so on. This year will be 25 Iīm working in Italian Public Administration and, you know, itīs quite boring. Itīs time to make a HUGE quantum step toward new opportunities. However, itīs a long time I would like to make a trip in Switzerland I live in Brescia so donīt wait, call me, also only for a chitchat.
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 Curriculum del profilo 67904 

Nome: JLnksSLKyU JLnksSLKyU

Email: DENcr DENcrDENcr

Indirizzo: ypCTUgKD ypCTUgKD

Telefono: + 9332788353

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