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Mechanical Engineer

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I am a recently graduate young Mechanical Engineer at Politecnico di Torino, now based in Torino, Italy. I have performed a 8 months stage in FCA, using FEM softwares and performing multibody analysis. I have an international academic background Italy, Brazil. I am eager for applying what I have learnt during my studies and at work as well as learning new skills on the field. I am looking for a job in Switzerland (Ticino or other) and I am available to start working anytime.
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 Curriculum del profilo 74090 

Nome: VmIhThfWkZ VmIhThfWkZ

Email: kqlRT kqlRTkqlRT

Indirizzo: DTTBgABl DTTBgABl

Telefono: + 3576754395

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