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Steel Structure manager

Curriculum disponibile alle aziende / profilo:74434
Letter of Presentation - Mechanical Engineer with bachelor's degree - International Welding Engineer Diploma - licenced for non-destructive tests with the second level for Visual, Magnetic and Ultrasonic - Lean Manifacturing Green Belt Certification Professional life: - Production Manager in a factory for big steel structure (mainly steel bridges, 10.000 tons/year and up to 200 employees); company, Gruppo Edimo - the same company offered me the chance to gain experience in the worksite as
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 Curriculum del profilo 74434 

Nome: uOHIyUdiCp uOHIyUdiCp

Email: kccLY kccLYkccLY

Indirizzo: mdhiKIiN mdhiKIiN

Telefono: + 5115419924

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