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Offerta dettagliata dell'opportunita' lavoro presso Metafrax Trading Int. SA / Lugano (ref. 2328)

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BACK TRADER SOLID CARGOES The Company Metafrax Trading International SA (Metafrax Group) is looking for a candidate for the role of Back Trader of Solid Cargoes, who will report directly to the trader and to the manager of the Company. In frames of constant growth of the turnover of solid cargoes, the Company is looking for a person, who will be able to perform challenging tasks, related to the growing number of transactions, including the ones, related to third party suppliers.

Main responsibilities:

  • Ensure the smooth connection in the chain between Supplier Company Logistical service provider(-s) Customers
  • Ensure on-time paperwork (in the ERP, docinstructions, purchase and sales orders, etc)
  • Ensure on-time invoicing of customers
  • Keep the archive folders constantly up to date (on paper, if needed, and electronically)  Establish various reports for trader and management (stock accumulation, P&Ls, presentations etc.)
  • Keep the loading sequence constantly up to date, in order to minimize waiting period for loading at our warehouses
  • Closely check the stock available at our warehouses
  • Follow-up the outstanding balances with creditors/debtors
  • Constantly communicate with various logistics providers: container/ rail/ truck  Solving all possible problems, that could occur during delivery of the goods from load point to discharge point (quality, quantity issies, packaging issues, insurance related cases, deviation, non-delivery of the goods, breach of the contract, etc.)

How to candidate

To apply, please follow the instructions published in the PDF file and send the documents in English by email to:

- letter of motivation
- curriculum vitae
- diplomas and certificats of study and work