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Chief Business Officer

Offerta dettagliata dell'opportunita' lavoro presso / Chiasso (ref. 2486)

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The Chief Business Officer will drive the success and continued growth of business strategy with focus on innovative solutions to engage customers.
He/She will act as a true business partner to the Chief Executive Officer to support the company’s ambitious growth plans, business partnering all parts of the business and supporting strategic initiatives. Critical to the success in the role will be a hands-on, open and mature business approach with the aim of adding maximum value. The successful candidate will build strong working relationships across the company and with the Chief Executive Officer.

Key Responsibilities
● Drive and develop commercial strategy for the respective business lines
● Understand how to drive commercial revenues growth across different markets globally
● Support the team to build, maintain and manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders
● Lead commercial negotiations in the different regions
● Manage business reorganisation in sales departments
● Be responsible for P&L
● Support the Corporate Strategy and the OTA’s CEO for all M&A related processes (including business acquisitions)

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